2014 Wisconsin BCAPL State Tournament

Chula Vista

The WIBCAPL is pleased to announce that the 2014 state championships will be held at the Chula Vista Resort in WI Dells, WI on May 7-11, 2014. With the continued growth to this event, the WIBCAPL searched for a larger venue. The Wisconsin Dells Center (otherwise known as "The Dome") will be the area used for this event. For more information click here .

Booking a Room?
Book your rooms now and don't forget to mention the room code (C18617) when making your reservation.
Please note you cannot use that group code to book reservations online, you have to call to get the group rate.
Please call 1-855-482-1074 and use that group booking code and it will get you the group rates and blocks for the tournament.

As many of you know, at the National BCAPL Championships the WIBCAPL had negotiated a deal with Bad Boys Billiard Productions to supply Diamond tables for the 2013 Great Lakes Regional and the 2014 WIBCAPL State Championships. While this agreement was honored for the Great Lakes Regional, we are unable to get Bad Boys to sign a written contract for the terms set forth by both parties for the 2014 State Tournament.

Now that these final details have been worked out, you can find the entry forms here

With that said, we would like to inform you all that due to circumstances beyond our control, we no longer have a viable option for Diamond tables for the 2014 State Tournament. We are, however, pleased to announce a new and working relationship with John Stich as our table provider for 2014. We are excited to work with John and the quality equipment he will provide.

*Please note that there is a slight increase in administration fees due to the added costs of hosting this event at the Wisconsin Dells Center. This increase will help cover facility rental, parking, and shuttles.

Deadlines for league Operators to send in entries for the 2014 tournament are as follows. To avoid late fees, player's entries need to be entered into Tournament Manager or entries need to be post marked by 4/4/2014. Any entries added to Tournament Manager or mailed after 4/4/2014 but before 4/21/2014 must include the late fees. No entries (except for the Masters division) will be accepted after 4/21/2014, those late Master entries must include late fees.


Entry forms are now posted! Download singles and team entry forms here.

Please note that all entry forms must be submitted through your League Operator.

Want to keep up-to-date on your entry status or the status of the tournament? Go to our Tournament Manager and check your status or as the tournament finishes, see results and pictures in real time.

League Operators

New changes are coming to our Tournament Manager. We have a new look and feel coming. Along with the new look, we have connected up Tournament Manager with the national BCAPL database so we can get live, accurate player information and sanctioning status. This means that only sanctioned players can be entered into Tournament Manager. There are no exceptions. With this in mind, please get your sanction fees turned into the BCAPL in a timely manner as they will need time to update the database before you can enter your league members into Tournament Manager.

All entries need to be entered into Tournament Manager before sending the hardcopies to the WIBCAPL.

New to the 2014 Tournament

We are adding a new Open Senior singles 8-ball division. You must be 50 years old on the day of the tournament and not on our Masters list. Please keep in mind that you can only play in one 8-ball and one 9-ball singles event. So, if you play in the new Seniors event, you cannot play in any other 8-ball singles event that we offer.

With the exception of M* rated women players, all Women players may play in the open team events as two levels lower than their Woman’s rating. For example, a Woman player rated as a Master would be considered an “A” player in an open team event. Likewise, a Women’s rating of “A” would be considered as a “B” rating in the open team events.

Players from a Wisconsin BCAPL sanctioned league or an Upper Peninsula (UP) of Michigan BCAPL sanctioned league may play in our tournament.

Tournament Requirements and Information

** All Tournaments are double elimination format **

Refund Policy – Written requests ONLY will be accepted for refunds and/or division changes. Requests for refunds or changes must be received by the BCA board no later than 4/18/2014. They can either be mailed or Emailed. Check the website for addresses. Written requests after that date will not be considered as the prize fund has been finalized. Refund Checks will be mailed after the tournament is complete. Late fees are non-refundable. All refunds will be charged a $10 handling fee.

Player Sanctions
Players, keep in mind that you NEED to be sanctioned with the BCAPL in order to play in the WIBCAPL State Tournament. If you have a question about your sanction status, contact your league operator or use the link below to check your status.
National BCAPL Sanction Lookup

Player Requirements
Minimum weeks played in a Wisconsin BCAPL sanctioned league or a Upper Peninsula (UP) of Michigan BCAPL sanctioned league:
    Wisconsin residents:
         4 weeks
        After June 1, 2013: 6 weeks
    Non-Wisconsin residents: 8 weeks in a WI based league

Qualified weeks played must be played during the current BCAPL qualifying league year. The qualifying league year will end May 31, and the new league year will begin June 1.

The 2013/2014 qualifying league year starts June 1, 2013 and ends May 31, 2014. The state tournament for the 2013/2014 league year is in May 2014. You can qualify for the 2014 state tournament only during sessions for the 2013/2014 league year. Sessions that start before June 1, 2013 would include qualifying weeks for both the 2012/2013 qualifying league year and the 2013/2014 qualifying league year. Please be aware that not all the weeks played in an early starting league would apply to the 2013/2014 state tournament.

Team requirements
All players must satisfied the tournament player requirements above. Please note that the core player requirement of the past has been removed, so for the 2013 tournament, and moving forward, there will not be a core player requirement on a team. No player members are allowed to play on a team.

Minimum amount of players per team

DivisonTotal Team SizeNumber of upper division playersHandicap
Women's B41 A Player, no Mastersnone
Women's A4No Masters Playersnone
Womens' Master4N/Anone
Men's B51 A Player, no AA or Mastersnone
Men's A51 AA Player, no Mastersnone
Men's Masters/AA52 Masters per team limitnone

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